On Tuesday November 23, 2010, there was an item on the agenda related to the proposed passing of the position of Mayor to Commissioner Al Brannen, which was voted on and agreed upon by all three Commissioners several months ago.           As it was suspected, such a passing of that position was, at the strong and open opposition of Commissioner Brannen, thwarted by Demarzo and a vote of two to one, which was orchestrated and in closed executive session, and passed after all but a hand-full of spectators had left, believing business was over.      This is a matter publicly agreed to that the same public has a right to be brought up to speed on. Please secure a copy of the final agenda & minutes of the meeting for details, and follow up on this for the citizens of Wildwood who have been misled.          Additionally, numerous members of FOP Lodge 7, who are employed by the Wildwood Police Department, have voiced their concerns over the ongoing deterioration of working conditions. Among these deteriorating conditions are the internal computer systems. A grant for approximately $4,000.00 to be dedicated for 6 new computers for the rank & file Officers work stations, (and at an expense of public dollars of approximately $200.00) is assumed to have been lost due to the apparent refusal of the Commissioner of public safety (Demarzo) to sign the requisition dated September 30, 2010.       These are matters worthy of investigation.  Please check back regularly, information will be updated regularly.
  Joe Wildwood

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5th Annual Fish Bowl

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Wildwood police union, mayor at odds over fitness testing for officers:

WILDWOOD — The city’s police union opposes a plan to change how the Police Department measures physical fitness.

Lt. Christopher Howard, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No.7, said the annual physical fitness examination, a staple here for 23 years, allows the department to maintain high standards.

“But the mayor has decided the test is flawed,” Howard said.

Mayor Gary DeMarzo, a former city police officer, said Monday that the department’s policy is under review after several officers were injured.

“There is no consistency,” DeMarzo said of the examination.

The physical exam measures officers based on a number of exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, a sit-and-reach exercise, a standing jump, and a 1.5-mile run.

DeMarzo said he is working with a State Police contact to come up with a formal physical fitness program for the department.

Tony Saduk, director of the Cape May County Public Safety Training Center, said Monday that New Jersey does not have set guidelines for municipal police departments to follow when it comes to physical fitness.

“It’s up to each individual department,” Saduk said.

DeMarzo was a member of the Wildwood department from 1998 to 2010 and recalled the examination.

“I thought it was very selective. I thought it left the city exposed (to legal action),” DeMarzo said, adding the criteria used to judge officers was unfair.

Howard said the criteria of the exam was in keeping with the Dallas-based The Cooper Institute, a nonprofit that focuses on preventive medicine.

Officers who failed the exam were regularly sent to a doctor for a physical examination to determine their fitness for duty.

“We’re in jeopardy now of comprising public safety,” Howard said.

DeMarzo, however, said the department will get a better program.

Twenty-four members of the Wildwood Police Department went on to complete the test last week on their own, Howard said. By TRUDI GILFILLIAN Staff Writer | Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010

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Support the Wildwood PD, and say NO, to the city officials who want to make layoffs and six demotions within the already understaffed police department in an attempt to save money. But spend frivolously on non-needed items.



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Wildwood Mayor tries to silence F.O.P.

Wildwood Mayor Gary DeMarzo has filed a formal complaint alleging that, while providing a statement to local media, the Union President of F.O.P. Lodge 7 violated certain rules & regulations of a police department that it represents among its bargaining units.

It now seems clear that the Mayor of the City of Wildwood is attempting to “SILENCE” the Constitutional 1st Amendment Right of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7, by use of an unethical exercise of political influence.

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It’s kinda funny, if you read all of the online spoutoffs that bash the Wildwood Police Department and the previous Administration, take notice it is the same three to four people. Ironically, those three to four people are Ex-Wildwood Cops, no wait that is a lie, they were employed by the police department, I wouldn’t really call them cops. Now these people are hell bent on revenge and do not care one bit about the citizens of Wildwood. The only thing these people care about is their own agenda and how they benefit for themselves. They do not care about the City of Wildwood, seriously open your EYES, and take a good look around you.

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